Phoenix Restaurant Review – Mississauga – Jan 2019

Phoenix is located at 4040 Creditview Rd, Mississauga, ON L5C 4E3 and there hours as follows:


I often visit this restaurant during the week with friends, it has become almost like a routine. Needless to say I enjoy the food here. I am plain and boring when it comes to my order, the picture you see below is considered my Number 1, obviously that’s not the name of it. Basically I order rice noodles with beef. My number 2 is Steamed Rice with Chicken. 

In terms of atmosphere I find it to feel welcoming and home like, sort of the like the bar on the show Cheers if you are old enough to remember it. My experience may be a result of the fact that I tend to visit there with the same group so everyone knows my name lol. 

The design has a cross between a restaurant and cafeteria layout in the way that you have the big tables in distinct spots with many smaller tables in between but with a twist of restaurant chairs and booths.

Staff is friendly and food comes out relatively quick, I would just change their attentiveness more, not a bad job at it but if I have to pick something to improve on that’s it. 

If you are seeking to try something new and different than the typical Canadian Restaurant Chains, I definitely say give this place a try. 
My Rating for Phoenix is 3.9 of 5

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