Paramount Fine Foods Review – Etobicoke – Jan. 2019

Sunday afternoon and in Etobicoke hungry, where do we go? Paramount Fine Foods. On our way to work on a job my friend Sal and I decided to stop off at Paramount for a late lunch.

I basically ordered Chicken Skewers with Rice, he ordered Chicken Skewers with Fries. We were seated immediately when we walked in the door. The waitress was quick to serve as well. I tend to be ordering spicy lately as the chicken skewers had quite the taste.

I honestly don’t have a lot to say about Paramount as it delivered the service and food quality that was expected. I do find them to be a bit pricey but these days with rising costs everything seems pricey.

I will say that I am not wow’d here by any stretch but there wasn’t any disappointment either. The restaurant is an open space with the kitchen and counter at the back. What I do like is that you can easily look into the kitchen if you wanted to see.

I would rate paramount a cool 4/5.

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