Beertown Public House Burlington Restaurant Review – March 2019

I am about 4 days away from moving out of my loft in Burlington. I have no idea where I am moving to as I have not yet bought a place. I figured since all my dishes, pots and pans are packed and my fridge is completely empty I would make a trip out to Beertown Public House, which is down the street from my loft. I figured it would be one last trip to the local area pub before I move to my new area, wherever that may be.

When I walked in, I could not see an open seat if my life depended on it. I can not believe how packed it is, especially since it’s not exactly at the normal dinner time. I saw a big open space at the bar and said to myself, since I am dining alone why not.

I ordered Nachos’ and Sparkling Water to drink. I did not have any intention of doing dessert tonight but you will see from the pictures that I was not able to resist.
I have been here before for Nachos and found them to be ok, my favourite still is Jack Astors for that. Today though the Nachos’ was much better than the last experience and I find them to be much higher on my rating as a result, still not beating my favourite brand though but quite the improvement. I ordered the Nachos’ with Chicken in case you were wondering.

You would think with a full house that the restaurant would be obnoxiously loud, especially it being more of a bar setting but pleasantly it was quite calm instead. The servers at the bar were quite friendly and prompt.

I had ordered their Brownie Dessert that comes with a scoop of Ice Cream. The ice cream was nothing to brag about but I will say the brownie just melted in my mouth. I probably don’t need the calories but I do not regret getting this order.

I would rate this experience today at 4.5/5

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