I have spent most of my life being outside of what is considered the norm. I am talented in seeing things through different perspectives, in turn it gives me the ability to come up with outside the box solutions.

I have been an entrepreneur since I was young. At age 15 I started my first small business which was a DJ Service that I ran from high school to college, resulting in achieving my dream of playing at some of the hottest clubs in the Greater Toronto Area.

DJing was a great night gig for me; however, during the day I was studying Digital Communications / Graphic Design in College and used those skills I learned to take on some new clients for Design & Print jobs.

The skills and experience I had obtained in this field eventually lead to my next move, which would be founding KMG Digital in 2003. The idea was to become a print solution provider for the wholesale market. Our clientele was other print shops who did not want to spend their time printing small jobs such as Business Cards, Post Cards or Brochures because they were overwhelmed with higher end work from their clients. Rather than decline the client work or provide poor service due to the volume of print they already had, they would farm the work to KMG Digital, my team and I would create a gang run of many small jobs, then output them and ship them to the client.  We also serviced other Graphic Designers and Advertising Agencies who serviced end users.

In 2005 I wanted to expand my reach without alienating or competing with my wholesale clients. ICanPrint was born. ICanPrint was higher priced than KMG Digital and was set to service the end user as well in a small agency type of business. We managed to secure some key clients and the company grew to becoming one of the top 100 print companies in North America. In 2007 I had accepted an offer to purchase from another company called OP Print. This was my exit from the Print Business.

October of 2007 ClickGTA / Click Radio was formed. ClickGTA was the first, it was a content management site where web visitors could come and gain information on various events in the Greater Toronto Area, as well get pictures and videos of the events after they were over. We had also put up some reviews of new technology, restaurant reviews, food recipes and blogs like that. In an effort to expand our reach and opportunity we had created Click Radio which is basically as it sounds, except…. We were internet based not on the FM Dial. We had the ability to not only play through the website but through your smartphone too. We had capitalized this opportunity by creating a way to play from remote locations such as nightclubs, their DJ would play at the club and the music they would play would also play on our Click Radio portal. This allowed our fans to be able to listen to the music at home while getting ready to come down to the club or through their car using their smartphone on the way to the nightclub. This also created opportunity to have a DJ play music at retail stores in hopes to drive more traffic to the store. It was a success, HMV was one of the companies that took advantage of this service. Several Nightclubs did as well, this was a fantastic service for businesses, a great option for people who wanted to listen to something other than the FM Dial and a reliable revenue stream for Click. We had a consistent amount of traffic each month, with continuous growth. Our average was 54,000 unique monthly visitors.

Many major brands took notice of our ClickGTA & Click Radio venture, record companies who graciously provided us with the music to play before the official release, amongst other media outlets that may have considered us to be forming some competition.

Some skills that I have developed and improved as a result of this venture would include: Sponsorship Marketing, Event Marketing, Event Management and improved my Digital Marketing skills.

Somewhere between September and November of 2013 I had closed this venture down, although profitable and with much room to grow I had decided that staying with my ailing parents was more of a priority to me.

In June 2014 I had worked a short stint at Canada Protection Plan as a Marketing Co-Ordinator, I had left by September 2014. I decided that I wanted to pursue other interests, which at this time happened to be Real Estate. I had enrolled into OREA’s Real Estate School.

In summer of 2016 I had officially become a Registered Real Estate Salesperson and joined Royal LePage Signature Realty. I was excited and proud to be starting a new path with great potential ahead. Below is a list of a few achievements I have accomplished.

• Sold a property within 5 hours (Average – 15 Days – 2017).
• Longest Listing was 7 days. (Average at Time was 33 Days – 2018).
• Sold Condo for Highest Price in Building, setting a New Price Level.
• Sold a Townhouse for Highest Price on Street during the 2018 Slump.
• Found a Client a New Home, when Original Deal Fell Through within a 24-hour period.
• Helped a Client secure a purchase below market value

I have built a brand name for myself in real estate, which I am proud of this. I have also realized that my talent and my joy is in Branding. I enjoy not only branding myself but helping others build their brand, their social profiles and just making a difference overall. I also have come to realize that technology comes natural to me, I am an enthusiast when it comes to tech. All my success has come from using tech in some form or shape.

This is where I discovered that I am completely unhappy with what I am doing and made the decision to end my career as a realtor. I decided to pursue my talents and passion together. I have created CM Digital which will be a modern form of what ClickGTA/Click Radio was with the addition of offerings to help others with their Digital Marketing as an agency. I am also offering myself as a service for Coaching, Public Speaking, Social Media Marketing and Personal Development.